Scott “Horstradish” Horstmeier

Posted on January 27, 2020 in .

Scott joined the team in 2019 and proved a virtual lock for the Buckeyes’ Rookie-of-the-Year award, providing ROTY defense at ROTY positions while posting ROTY numbers at his difficult ROTY spot in the lineup.  When “Horstradish” isn’t burning up the base-paths, he is heating up the columns of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of… Read More

Christian “Triple Stout” Fernholz

Posted on February 12, 2018 in .

He may have come to us from Greenfield Village as “Triple Stout”, but the Buckeyes love it when Mr. Fernholz’s alter-ego, “Mean Mug”, comes out to play!  Aside from his intensity on the base paths, Christian is also very well known for his unique throwing action that just makes you say, “just throw it already…… Read More

Jon “Lefty” McEvoy

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Ain’t nothing like seeing a man named “Lefty” step up to the right side of the plate and smack a ball far.  But so it goes for Mr. McEvoy.  A fairly regular and solid fixture in the Buckeye outfield for a few years now, Jon has solidified himself as THE best player who knows where… Read More

Danny “Babyface” Goodwin

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Son of “Doc” and the younger brother of “Buckshot”, Danny came to the game several years after his fellow Goodwins.  Known for his boy-ish look and quick feet, “Babyface” has used his speed both in the outfield chasing down base balls and in reacting to foul balls behind the plate.  Though never one to burn… Read More

Chip “Leadfoot” Rickard

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Chip Rickard is the longest-tenured Buckeye presently playing, keeping his spot on the roster with his impressive skill and dexterity at the pitcher’s position while being a personable and charming leader on and off the field.  His ability to stymie a striker knows no bounds.  It also doesn’t hurt that “Leadfoot” was so named for… Read More

Landon “Yeti” Smith

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Truth be told, Landon Smith is a rather poor vintage base ball player, showing far too great a skill at fielding and hitting and running.  His general lack of mistakes and ability to take a base whenever he wants one often offends both opponents and teammates alike.  Frankly, what would one have expected having pulled… Read More

Wayne “Drifter” Wesley

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There isn’t much need for a description here, as there is a pretty good chance that Wayne has played for your team already, and may even have a bio on your website, too!  Fortunately, the “Drifter” considers the Cincinnati Buckeyes his home team and first priority.  And thankfully so, as the only thing bigger than… Read More