The Buckeye Bowl

The Buckeye Bowl is a one-time special event to kick off the Cincinnati Buckeyes’ 20th season of 1869 base ball, and is to feature Buckeyes past, present, and honorary playing in a fun and unique “Tri-Cornered Game” of vintage base ball… Buckeyes vs. Buckeyes vs. Buckeyes!  We will follow it up in classic Buckeye style… a fried chicken potluck and some family wiffleball fun.

This event is being advertised by Heritage Village and is generally open to the public, despite the more-casual-than-usual nature of the event; it’s a reunion FIRST, a vintage base ball game SECOND.  We hope to see our fellow Red Stockings and other local ball friends in attendance as well… but the game itself is reserved only for former and honorary Buckeyes, by invite.  While the aim is to have fun and reconnect with old friends, we also want it to be the same vintage game you remember and that our spectators enjoy. 

Former Buckeyes – If at all possible, please wear your Buckeye jersey and hat at the very least, if not your full uniform, especially if you plan to play ball!  We will have a limited amount of spares available for the game.  If all else fails… dark blue is best (not going to care too much about your shoes, just no metal cleats).  We would love to see the field full of B’s, against a lineup of B’s, with a third team of B’s on the bench in front of even more B’s in the crowd! 

The event will go on regardless of most weather; the Buckeyes have a history of enjoying sloppy weather.  In case of rain, or possibly even snow, we will do our best to accommodate our bravest guests.  We have several pop-up canopies!  If you are on Facebook, I invite you to follow our event page for the latest news concerning this day. 

We will have commemorative buttons made for the season, which every Buckeye should get and every opponent of ours this year will receive.  Newer Buckeye shirts will available for sale ($15), as will the remaining stock of old Buckeye shirts. 

10:30am or so – Myself and others will likely be there early to set up for the day and shake off some off-season rust… this’ll be our first action of the season!  Please feel free to arrive early if you wish to loosen up as well, especially if it’s been a while! 

12:00pm – We will officially “open the festivities”, and everyone playing in the game should have arrived by now. 

12:15 – If most or all are present, we will gather for a group photo, then line up.  I will address the crowd, introduce the other two captains (Doc & River City), and we’ll proceed to pick teams… schoolyard-style.   

12:30 – We will begin the “Tri-Cornered Game”, where Team A will play Team B for one full inning, then Team A vs. Team C for a full inning, then Team B vs. Team C, then repeat that cycle three more times, for a total of twelve whole innings, with each team playing a full eight innings.  This is a format that was executed by the three New York teams (Yankees, Dodgers & Giants) as a fundraiser during WWII.  If the conditions are less than ideal, we may shorten it to nine innings (each team playing six). 

During the Game – We will have water and light snacks available for players and our guests, and restrooms can be found at the Hayner House. Players in the game will have every third inning off to be social… just remember to pay attention to the field so you know when to get back to it… It will be a confusing game!  Please remember that lineups and positions will be made up on the fly this day, and that Doc, River City and myself will do everything we can to make sure everyone gets playing time if we end up having a lot more than 30 players… which is a possibility.  Be considerate… we’re all here to have fun! 

“That’s A Dollar!” – We will resurrect an old tradition for this game, where we collect a dollar for every foul tick by a Buckeye player ($2 for a K).  The pot will then be awarded to the player that makes the most catches on the fly on the day… another typical Buckeye thing we do.  Bring singles!

We might have other reunion-style activities going on, but the focus is mostly on the game. 

End of Game, approx. 3:00-3:30pm – the team with the most runs wins the day.  If two teams tied for the lead, they can choose to play one more inning between them to settle it, but that’s it.  If all three teams tie… we’ll just celebrate how equally good all of us are! 

Following the Game – We will have fried chicken (supplied by the CVBBC) with potluck sides, desserts and soft drinks (provided by current Buckeyes and their families) for players and their family & friends. 

We will also set up a wiffleball home run derby on the field for ALL in attendance – kids & adult kids – with token prizes for best scores. 

I imagine if there are people still lingering at 5:00pm, then the day was a great success! 

At Some Point During the Day – There will be some classic Buckeye circle-juggling!