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April 24 - Cin. Buckeyes at New Richmond Generals
Sunday, TBD at Clasgen Field in New Richmond, OH
The Cincinnati Buckeyes open their 2016 season on the road (or river, as it is), when they face the Generals, of that town, and the Monarchs of nearby Moscow, OH.


May 1 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Vevay & New Richmond
Sunday, 11:00am & 2:00pm at Heritage Village
The Buckeyes and Red Stockings host the White Stockings of Vevay, IN, in the first double-header, then host the Generals of New Richmond, OH, in the second double-header. That's right, folks... four games for the price of none!

May 14 - Cin. Buckeyes at 2016 Blues Fest
Saturday, TBD at Garfield Park in Indianapolis, IN
The Buckeyes will represent Cincinnati in three games against the hosting Blues & Hoosiers of Indianapolis, and their first meeting with the Bluegrass Barons of Lexington, KY.

May 22 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Rising Sun & Losantiville
Sunday, 12:30 & 3:30pm at Heritage Village
The Buckeyes and Red Stockings will again attempt the double-double-header, with each facing the Belle River B.B.C. of Rising Sun, IN, followed by the Losantiville Black Stockings of Cincinnati.


June 5 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Moscow & Tipp City
Sunday, 11:00am & 2:00pm at Heritage Village
The Buckeyes and Red Stockings host one more double-double-header, this time with the Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers playing the early pair, and the Moscow Monarchs playing the late pair of matches.

June 11 - Cin. Buckeyes at 2016 Queen City Festival
Saturday, TBD at Heritage Village
The Cincinnati Buckeyes and Red Stockings host their annual Queen City Invitational Base Ball Festival. Due to the loss of fields outside of the Village, the Festival had to be down-sized some. But a fine time should still be had as the fine gentlemen of the Indianapolis Hoosiers and Wyandotte Ghostriders come to town for a full day of base ball!

June 25-26 - Cin. Buckeyes at Nashville, TN
Saturday, TBD at the Hermitage in Nashville, TN
Sunday, TBD at the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN
Along with their friends, the Cincinnati Red Stockings and Champion Hill Toppers of Huntington, IN, the Cincinnati Buckeyes make their first visit to the Volunteer State to play some of the newer Tennessee Association nines.


July 3 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Cincinnati Red Stockings
Sunday, TBD at UC Health Stadium in Florence, KY
The Cincinnati Buckeyes and Red Stockings help the Florence Freedom celebrate the Fourth with an exhibition of vintage base ball.

July 4 - Cincinnati Mixed Nine at Monroe, OH
Monday, TBD at TBD in Monroe, OH
The Buckeyes and Red Stockings will send a mixed nine to a vintage base ball tournament as part of Monroe, OH's, Fourth of July festivities.

July 10 - Cin. Buckeyes at 2016 Heart of Vintage Base Ball Tournament
Sunday, TBD at Joyce Park in Fairfield, OH
The Cincinnati Buckeyes defend their 2015 HOVBB title as all of the region's vintage base ball clubs converge on Joyce Park in Fairfield, OH - new home of the hosting Blackbottom 9 (formerly the Norwood Highlanders) - for a grand tournament of 1869 base ball.

July 16 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Indianapolis Blues
Saturday, 1:00 at Heritage Village
The Buckeyes play host to their longtime friends from Indianapolis, before the Blues take on the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

July 17 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Champion City Reapers
Sunday, 3:00 at Heritage Village
The Champion City Reapers of Springfield, OH, come to Heritage Village to play the Red Stockings and the Buckeyes.

July 30-31 - Cin. Buckeyes at Greenfield Village & Sylvania, OH
Saturday, TBA at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI
Sunday, 2:00pm at Wildwood Metropark in Toledo, OH
The Buckeyes will make their first visit to historic Greenfield Village to play the famed Lah-de-dahs for nine innings of base ball on Saturday. On Sunday, they'll stop by Wildwood Metropark to play ball with some old friends, the Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, OH.


August 7 - Cin. Buckeyes at Blackbottom 9
Sunday, 1:00pm at Joyce Park in Fairfield, OH
The boys in blue head over to Fairfield to play the renamed and relocated Norwood Highlanders for nine innings of 1869 ball.

August 14 - Cin. Buckeyes at Clodbusters B.B.C.
Sunday, 1:00pm at Carillon Park in Dayton, OH
The Bucks head north to play nine against their good friends, the Clodbusters.

August 27 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Cincinnati Red Stockings
Saturday, 2:00pm at Roselawn Park in Cincinnati, OH
The Buckeyes and Red Stockings will play each other on Reds Academy Field as part of the festivities related to the centennial of the National Parks Service, and in association with the William Howard Taft National Historical Site, and organized by former Buckeye, "Kentucky" Bob Vitz. President Taft himself is reportedly throwing out the first pitch (after a short trip back in time himself!)


September 3 - Cin. Buckeyes at 2016 Ohio Cup
Saturday, 9:00am at Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, OH
The Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club returns once more to the nation's largest vintage base ball festival for three matches against teams from all over the United States.

September 11 - Cin. Buckeyes at Battle of the Border
Sunday, 1:00pm at Rising Star Casino in Rising Sun, IN
The Buckeyes will help represent the Ohio side, facing against the Vevay White Stockings and host Rising Sun of Indiana.

September 18 - Cin. Buckeyes at 100 Years on the Ohio
Sunday, 1:00pm at Farnsley-Moremen Landing in Louisville, OH
The Red Stockings and Buckeyes take their rivalry downriver to Louisville for their annual vintage base ball game at Riverside.

September 24 - Cin. Buckeyes at Old West Festival
Saturday, 1:00pm at Old West Festival in Williamsburg, OH
The Buckeyes and the Blackbottom 9 mosey on into town for their annual showdown in the Old West. Should be a real barn-burner! Come out and support one of the most entertaining period festivals in the area!


October 1 - Cin. Buckeyes vs. Cincinnati Red Stockings
Saturday, 1:00pm at Heritage Village
The Buckeye nine defend the prized Trophy Ball from their friendly rivals, the Red Stockings, in this annual test of bragging rights between the two teams of the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club.





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