Charlie Sweasy hailed from Newark, New Jersey, and began his career with teams in the east. He played for the nines of Newark and Irvington, New Jersey before joining the Buckeyes for the 1868 campaign.

A solid second baseman, he was known for both his ability and his temper, which could become heated. His drinking habits, no doubt, added to his volatility. In the off season, he worked as a hat maker. He was recruited from the Buckeyes by Harry Wright just before the 1869 season and joined the Red Stockings. A move that was considered a bitter blow by his former team. In 1869, his salary with his new team was $800.

Following his time with the Red Stockings, Sweasy spent time with clubs in Washington (1871), Cleveland (1872), and Boston (1873). He was reunited with Harry Wright in Boston, but was released before the start of the 1874 season due to an altercation with Wright. In 1875, he was player-manager of the St. Louis Reds, and finished the year with a record of 4-14. In 1876, he was reunited with former Buckeye mate Charlie Gould and the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

After his athletic career was over, he returned to New Jersey and worked as an oysterman. He died in 1908 at age 60.



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